cl-pdf.arglists: Better Arglists Through Introspection

Because (&rest args) isn't particularly helpful.

What cl-pdf.arglists Does

cl-pdf.arglists is a simple little library to improve the arglist display of cl-pdf and cl-typesetting macros in, for example, slime. It adds display of keywords from methods on #'initialize-instance, as well as object initargs, to macros which just forward a &rest argument to make-instance.

No more wondering what keyword arguments are appropriate in each macro or perusing the source in an attempt to find out.

Now if only cl-pdf and cl-typesetting had actual documentation. :)

Where to Get cl-pdf.arglists

It is available on github.

How to Use cl-pdf.arglists

Load via ASDF. Enjoy the more useful arglists.

Known Limitations

cl-pdf.arglists currently only provides nicer arglists for SBCL and Clisp. Patches for other implementations are welcome. (see #p"arglists.lisp")

Also see for additional improvement ideas.

Contacting the Author

My e-mail address is Questions, comments, patches, and beratings are all welcome.