cl-unification: My development repository of Marco's library

Because sometimes it takes a while to get patches applied.

What My Development copy of cl-unification Is

cl-unification is a very handy library providing unification. This particular copy is where I play around with ideas for improving the implementation.

My libraries may sometimes implicitly depend on this version of cl-unification, especially the ones that add unification templates.

Where to Get cl-unification

You can check out my development repo from the darcs repository.

darcs get

How to Use cl-unification

see the official documentation.

Differences from the Official Version

This copy of cl-unification breaks behavioral compatibility in some cases, but only where the previous behavior was buggy. ;)

For a detailed list of changes, fetch the repository and run darcs changes.

Contacting the Author

My e-mail address is Questions, comments, patches, beratings, and bug reports are all welcome.