portaCL: Help Making CL Portability Libraries

Quite possibly the most pointless lisp library ever created.

What portaCL Does

portaCL offers several features:

ASDF Enhancements
Adds the ability to specify an ASDF component (file or module) as being implementation-specific, rather than including a long list of reader conditionals to select the proper file.
Extensible Feature Tests
Have you ever wished reader conditionals were turing complete? Well, now they can be! (Also great for anyone missing FEXPRs.)
Feature-expression Control Flow
Do you use reader conditionals without referring to implementation-specific symbols in the skipped forms? Do you get tired of ending with #-(or a b c d) (error "not implemented")? Do you not mind doing essentially the same thing two different ways? If so, feature-cond may be for you!

Where to Get portaCL

You can download the latest version of portaCL as a gzipped tarball or check it out from the darcs repository. It is also asdf-installable in theory; provided you account for the lack of a page on cliki and have my public key.

How to Use portaCL

see notes.org in the source, or check out some examples of existing lisp portability libraries post-conversion.

Contacting the Author

My e-mail address is pix@kepibu.org. Questions, comments, patches, and beratings are all welcome, but I'm not always a speedy respondent.